NEWS Is Apple planning to soon ship iPhones with quad-core chips?

Some reliable people have discovered quad-core processor support into the iOS 5.1 beta code. So, we could expect quad-core iPhones and iPads in the near future.Shocker? Of course not. But it’s good to know Apple is already working on the next big hardware jump.

A few months ago other skilful developers discovered the iPhone5,1 reference into the first iOS 5.1 beta code. It might turn out Apple is indeed gearing the next iPhone with a quad-core A6 chip.
So, what do you think – will the next iPhone be a quad-core gadget or Apple will stick to the dual-core technology for one more generation?


Google Music – launched

Hey Great Thing that to be done

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Google has jumped onto the cloud based music bandwagon by launching its latest offering – ‘Google Music’. With this service, Google will be selling music online and to Android phone users. As of now, this service is available only in the US. Sony Corp.’s Sony Music Entertainment, Vivendi SA’s Universal Music Group and EMI Music are the 3 major labels who have signed up with Google in offering this service. Apart from them, a number of independent labels have also signed up.

The online music store is going to contain both free and paid songs. The price for paid songs is in the range of 99cents to $1.29 in line with the pricing available on iTunes. Users can access this store on the web and on their Android smartphones in a few days.

Another interesting feature allows independent artists to create their own pages and sell music at the price they…

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